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June 2 2018 is our only available date for 2018, but have availability for elopements.

Elopements *New!
We offer Elopement Packages in July, August, November, December, January, February and March. Contact us for our availability and pricing.

The Following Dates are available for our Wedding Packages in 2019:

April: 6,13,20


June: 1, 15, 22, 29

September:  7, 14, 21, 28

October:  5, 12,19, 26

Farm & Gardens


Becca (Mom) is a Dwarf Nigerian/ Nubian due date February 14, 2018

Born February 11! See below

George (Father) Below

Meet Becca’s girls Celia & Mardy

Amelia (mom) Dwarf Nigerian/Nubian Due date February 17, 2018

Born February 19, 2018 See below

Reagan (Father) below

Meet Amelia’s kids born Presidents Day. Dwight, Mamie and Ida Eisenhour.

Marilyn (Mom) Dwarf Nigerian/ Nubian Due date February 19, 2018

George (Father) shown above

Sandra (Mom) is a Dwarf Nigerian/Nubian Blue Eyes!!!

Due date February 26, 2018 George (Father shown above)

Meet Finn born on November 30th 2017 SOLD

And his twin brother Sawyer both have blue eyes.SOLD

Meet blue eyed Bradford and his sister below Susannah born November 23rd 2017.SOLD


Dolley Madison was bred with Reagan – Patterson and Nellie were born March 5th  *SOLD*

Abigail Adams was bred with George Washington – Madeline Albright was born March 8th.  *SOLD*

Betsy Ross was bred with Reagan – Hattie and Becca were born March 15th *Both are being Retained to the herd*

Rosa Parks was bred with Reagan – Grover and Frances Cleveland were born March 20 *SOLD*

Susan B Anthony bred with Reagan – Tom Morris was born March 20th  *SOLD*

Chicken Eggs – $3.00/dozen

Alpaca Fur

Dried herbs


Produce and flower seeds

Many of our items are seasonal, so please check back here periodically for new products!

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phone: (919) 260-2986