Chapel Hill Carriage House

News & Updates


We are completely booked for 2016 weddings! No Openings….
If you are looking for 2017 please contact us to schedule a visit.

Currently we have April  8, 15, & 22 for spring of 2017. We take July and August off due to heat.

September and October are still open.

Farm & Gardens

We currently have the following farm goods and/or livestock available for purchase:

                            • Baby goats available May 9th 2 blue eyed doelings SOLD! available May 16th 1 blue eyed buckling & 1 blue eyed doeling SOLD, more goats to kid starting the end of May and will be available the end of July or August.  New blue eyed doeling born May 15th available July 15th.
                            • Chicken Eggs – $3.00/dozen
                            • Alpaca Fur
                            • Dried herbs
                            • Perennials
                            • Produce and flower seeds

Many of our items are seasonal, so please check back here periodically for new products!