Our Story

We (Mike and Brenda) are the owners of the Chapel Hill Carriage House, and as of 2015 have been married for 35 years! We have 4 children, Bradley, Alison, Casey and Rich. We also currently have 4 dogs, but our children have 4 dogs that come to visit us often! Our connection with the property began in the early 1980s. At that time our dear friends, George and Frances Hogan, offered us the use of their farm. By the early 1990s we decided to purchase the land, and it came to be known as Leeperland when our family moved here in 2000. Leeperland became a place of many cherished memories for our family, and in recent years we began to envision it as a place to be shared with more than our family. We have become known as the Chapel Hill Carriage House, and we have hosted countless events and celebrations to add to our list of joyful experiences!

The Farm

Our farm sits on many acres of land that are a mix of woodland, ponds, trails, and open space. During our time here, we have acquired a variety of animals including goats, alpaca, chickens, guineafowl, turkey, and fish! Most days you will find us tending to the farm in one way or another–feeding the animals, maintaining the landscape, renovating the property, sowing seeds, harvesting, etc. Depending on the season, we sell a variety products including animal furs, flowers, seeds, garden vegetables, pumpkins, dried herbs, and eggs. Contact us to schedule a trip if you would like to come see what we do! Our farm animal friends are a big hit with kids (and adults)!


It all started in 2006 when Mike offered to get me goats for my birthday. We thought it would be fun to have goats, so we began to investigate what type to get. Our first two goats were Nigerian Dwarf wethers, Patrick and Henry. A couple years later we added Betsy Ross to our farm, and the numbers continue to grow. You can see pictures of some of our wonderful goats on the galleries page!


We acquired our first chickens, two roosters and three hens, from my children as a Mother’s Day present. We eventually brought ten more young hens to the farm but suffered our first predatory loss when a fox dug underneath both a fence and the chicken coop to take away the hens. To prevent such a tragedy from happening again, we installed an electric fence to protect them. Now our hens are safely roaming around and producing fresh brown eggs! Our current production level is approximately two dozen eggs per day.


We got eight Guinea keets in August 2012, and they were absolutely adorable! As they got older it was fascinating to watch their interactions with the goats. They would chase the goats away to the point where the goats were not able to eat. They were also quite the noisy bunch. Initially we were able to collect about twenty eggs from them, but the Guineafowl unfortunately are no longer with us.  They became prey to the owls in the area, and by the fall of 2013 there were no survivors. Since then we acquired a “refugee” turkey, Thomas Jefferson. The original owner was dealing with an unknown poultry predator, so Thomas now lives at the CH Carriage House!


Both of our ponds contain a variety of freshwater fish. Our first “stock” of fish arrived shortly after we moved to Leeperland. Casey went fishing at other ponds and brought back his catch. We realized that the ponds needed to be stocked properly when, while swimming, we were being nibbled by the hungry fish! We bought a minnow trap to catch minnows that would provide the bigger fish some food. In 2009 we brought in more fish to both ponds, and the fishing has been good!

The Gardens

Mike earned his degree in turf management, and he definitely put that education to good use on our property. If you come for a visit, you’ll notice his green thumb isn’t limited to grass–he also has quite an eye for gardening and landscape design. We are cultivating many perennials and plants across several garden plots around the farm, and something is always in bloom!